Our Impact

Innovative organizations use Zhennovate to scale coaching and build
people-first organizational culture.

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How We Do It

Inspired by transformative coaching and experiential learning methodologies, our app follows an inside-out transformation model that creates awareness, shifts mindsets, sets intentions, and builds habits.

Aha Moments

We measure success by the number of moments when people experience blindspot awareness that forever changes the way they see the world and the actions they take. These transformative moments – we call Aha Moments.

If I trust that I do not have to solve all problems, that others can solve their own, I can coach instead of rescuing and I can avoid victimhood.

Thanks for the lesson. I was able to remember this advice during the day and take on some task that looked intimidating.

I was discouraged and caught up in thinking that my current job does not have any purpose. The lesson was very timely, I realize that I had ignored how my work in algebraic geometry is used by physicists and is therefore fundamentally meaningful.

Organizational Case Studies

person in lab coat doing experiments in a lab setting

How we help develop emotional resilience in the rigorous research environment

group of people meeting to dicuss work topic

How we build healthy workplace culture within a diverse organization

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