Scaling Professional Coaching On Demand

Innovative organizations use Zhennovate to scale coaching and build people-first organizational culture.

Trusted by employees from organizations big and small

Our Mission

Democratize Executive Coaching for Everyone

Over 80% of the organizations in the U.S. hire professional coaches to boost performance and leadership capacity of their executives.

We believe everyone deserves executive-level development and strive to democratize such access for all levels of the workforce.

With Zhennovate, professional coaching is no longer a luxury reserved for senior management and the privileged few.

4 Ways Zhennovate
Will Transform Your Organization

Retain your top talents

Enhance employee productivity and performance

Improve employee engagement with remote/hybrid work

Operationalize your organizational values

Scaling Career, Leadership, and Life Coaching

Self-Guided Coaching

Build soft skills with our on-demand self-coaching app

Work with Master Coaches

Live group coaching sessions facilitated by a master coach


Build deep relationships with a trusted group of peers

Help people experience

one Aha Moment
at a time

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