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Zhennovate Special


Personalized Solution for Sustaining High Performance

Next Program Runs February 5 – March 4, 2018

How you talk to yourself matters.

Have you ever felt inadequate, disheartened, paralyzed, or anxious because of that judgmental voice in your mind?

Do you work in a competitive or stressful environment?

What are you telling yourself in the face of dreams, opportunities, challenges, and failures?

Inner Critic, the negative voice that arises in our mind, is a natural part of human experience.

Inner critic can send us through an emotional downward spiral if we do not know how to manage it.

How you talk to yourself matters.

 This is a journey of personal growth, and we’ve hand-crafted a personalized program just for you.

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Program Benefits

Learn to Manage
Your Negative Self-Talk

Deepen Your Self-Awareness 

Learn How-To Strategies 

Cultivate Empowering  Mindset 

Develop Constructive Habits

Apply Your Learning to
Thrive and Lead at Daily Work and Life

Land A Great Job

Navigate Workplace Politics

Work Across Cultures

Establish Thought Leadership

Boost Productivity

Stay Positive

Build Support Network

Design A Fulfilling Career

3 Plans to Choose From

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed for First 7 Days

Next Program Runs February 5 – March 4, 2018

Smart Content

30-Day Personalized Mini Course

  • Save time researching relevant content on your own
  • Tell us your interests and needs
  • Receive a 3-minute lesson every morning
  • Practice your learning throughout the day
$33 $12 / month 

Pocket Coach

One-to-One Coaching Over Text

  • Text your coach as situation arises
  • Receive personalized coaching from professional coach


  • “I am too stressed to write my paper right now. What should I do?”
  • “I am afraid that I will screw up the interview tomorrow. Can you help me with it?”
  • “No one paid attention to my idea at the meeting, so frustrating! How do I change that?”
  • “I really don’t like how my colleague has been treating me. How do I bring up my concern?”
$79 $59 / month

Ultimate Accountability

Weekly Coaching Calls with Follow-Ups in Between

  • Self-Discovery Assessment
  • 30-Minute Coaching Session Per Week
  • Coach Follow-ups in between Sessions
  • Great for the Structure-Lovers
$250 $175 / month

Frequent Q&A

Q: Who are my coaches? Do I get to choose my coach?
A: All our coaches are professional coaches by training and practices. You will be assigned a coach who best matches your needs and personal profile. You are welcome to swtich coaches at any time of the program.
Q: What if I don’t like what I am getting? What’s your refund/return policy?
A: If you decide that this program is not for you within the first seven days of usage, please let us know and you will receive full refund within the first 7 days of using the service, that is, any time from now to midnight of February 12, 2018.
Q: What happens after March 4th?
A: You will have the option to continue with your current service or migrate to a different plan on a month-to-month basis. As we start working together and learning about your needs and progress, you will receive further information on how to proceed after your first month-long experience.
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