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Zhennovate Special


Gaining Confidence and Managing Negative Self-Talk, July 22 – August 4

Deepen Your Self-Awareness

  • Learn how-to strategies

  • Cultivate an empowering mindset

  • Trusted accountability companion

  • Manage your triggers

  • Build a support community

Learn and Practice Daily

  • Two weeks, 5-10 minutes per day

  • Daily microlessons

  • Apply to daily life

  • Prepared by professional coaches

  • Delivered confidentially through Facebook Messenger

Our participants have said:

“As a result of learning about my perfectionism, I decided to show my plan to my adviser before I make it perfect, because I am supposed to be learning, and if I get feedback earlier, I will be able to learn faster.” – Ph.D. Candidate

“Instead of immediately feeling victimized, I was able to look more constructively at a coworker who always seemed to be stepping on my toes and courageously approach him.” – Program Manager

Gaining Confidence and Managing Negative Self-Talk

July 22 – August 4

Have you ever felt inadequate, disheartened, or anxious because of that judgmental negative voice in your mind?

This program will help you go from an overachiever frequently paralyzed by negative thoughts to a high performer who delivers tangible impacts in an uncertain world.